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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A time for peace………..


Tomorrow, our lil gurl cassie goes to her new home.

Despite all the wailing etc, if i’m honest, I know I am gonna really miss her. I also know, if I’m honest, that I will blame myself and convince myself I “didnt try hard enough”…….

So, I’m writing this now so when I do say that to myself, I’ll see this and remember this moment, I DID try hard enough. I did everything I was capable of doing, I tried every trick in the book to make her happy, she’s just not a dog thats ever gonna be happy with an indoor life.
It makes me furious that the familly who we took her from, kept a little dog like that outside, from the time it was barely 2 months old. FFS, its a born lapdog breed, it dosent take a genius to know its not a dog that can function without human attention!

There, when I hit “publish” this will be there, in print, and Noah has my FULL permission to shove this screen in my face when I start blaming myself.

Anyways, she’s going to a good home in the countryside, where she will have the company of two children and another king charles who will hopefully show her how to “be” the dog she was meant to be.
There truly is nothing worse than seeing a dog who isnt built to be an “outside dog”, try her hardest to be one, because she has been convinced from day one that she should be.
The familly that are taking her however, have lots of land and apparently have a flap in the kitchen so their doggies can either stay inside or take a walk around the rural garden in total safety.

she’ll be fine, happy as a pig in muck, ……me,…….I’ll be fine too, - I’m sure.

*sigh* at least the neighbours can sleep soundly now I spose.

posted by Barry at 11:22 pm  


  1. Barry, I’m sure that was a tough, tough decision. But you had Cassie’s best interests in mind, and that ought to make you feel better. But just… could you please… tell Noah to take a gazillion more pictures before she goes?

    Comment by Paul — April 20, 2006 @ 1:36 pm

  2. Barry, sorry to hear about having to rehome the little yiddle. Sounds like the new home is a cracker!
    A doggie flap!! Sounds like bliss for any dog!

    Comment by Bubby — April 20, 2006 @ 9:44 pm

  3. Thanks bubby,
    Yeah, her new home is perfect. She will be completely happy there, she has all the joys of being outdoors and indoors whenever *she* wants. Thats really the best situation for her. And maybe being with the other King Charles Spaniel will teach her the joys of curling up on the couch with people cuddling her.

    Comment by Barry — April 20, 2006 @ 11:11 pm

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