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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well, I spose its good to be useful……

Today, I seem to have become a doggie-wedge-table………

Somone has discovered, that it makes it a lot easier to “get a good grip on that darned chew toy” when its wedged in my back wheel,… just wish she would stop forgetting its thereĀ  ;)

Damned quiet day, being easter an all pretty much everywhere closes down from fri-tue, so even if ya do have the chocolate-fuled-energy to go anywhere or do anything, ya can’t.

Prolly just as well anyways, my guy, my “better-half” hasnt been feeling himself (f’nar f’nar) this last few days, so rest is best.
I hate seeing him ill like that, all I wanna do is cuddle him an stop the bad things, but i spose, some things have to run their course. Still, not gonna stop me from doing the cuddlin, hell, even the plague wouldnt stop me from doing the cuddlin. :)
Spose I should really be working, its just one of those lazy days when all I can do is smile at how happy I am (all things considered), and grin insanely at the ball of (moulting) fur that is, as I type this, rolling on her back on the floor clutching a rubber burger to her chest, having spent a dizzying 20 mins trying to catch her own tail (and yelping in surprise when she did, over an over an over,….)

They say “lifes a bitch”, well, if thats true then life’s got more oomph than the duracell bunny on speed!


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  1. There’s nothing more therapeutic than playing with a puppy or watching it play. Perhaps that’s the medicine your better half needs. :)

    Comment by Paul — April 17, 2006 @ 1:25 pm

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