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Monday, September 25, 2006

You’ve heard of clip-art, try Crappart!

As my guy said, this deserves a postin’ :)

Tonights daily litter tray change.
First off, the light in the kitchen blows so all im left with is a torch-light.
So, I begin my nightly routine of lifting the tray out and dumping it into the awaiting bag and re-filling with fresh litter…….

I lift the tray, (only 16 hours old tray btw) and realise that *somhow* madam had managed to balance herself on the edge of said tray, and make a single large “turd” over and through the 2″ space between the tray and the corner!

Now, by itself thats an amazing feat, however madam being madam, had then proceeded to in less than a day, collect all sorts of paraphenallia (sp?) to “cover” said turd.

There were coke bottle caps, super-valu reciepts, bic biros, and then on top, right there like a card wedged for display on a cake, was a large M&S reciept folded *just so* to be proudly proclaiming “This Sale: E14.99 Thank you!”


Now I can laugh, 15 mins ago, bent precariously off my wheelchair, glaring behind a litter-tray at a over-priced bit of cat-art, I could have killed her.

But, then, as I am bent this way, almost castrating myself in this contortion, cleaning it up, scrubbing, bleaching and spraying….. over she comes, and proceeds to rub her face against mine purring like a generator as if to say “Is’nt it just spectacular daddy!”

Damien Hurst, eat your heart out!


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Saturday, September 23, 2006


In a weeks time, my younger sister gets married!
Tis I have to admit, a strange feeling. She, the girl whom I remember sitting beside watching saturday morning cartoons, arguing over whether to watch he-man or punky-brewster, is now about to walk down the aisle!

My gods a whole lifetime has passed in what dose’nt seem all that long a time.
I can’t wait to see the smile on her face as her special day begins, and all the planning and worrying gives way to pure happiness that day.

And its a day that will be documented for the ages.
My guy will be making sure of that ;0)
It will be a day that she, her hubby, children and extended familly will be able to look back on anytime they want and remember the day.

And it will be a day I too will be able to look back on when I need to be reminded that the good days in life out-weigh the bad.

Its going to be a wonderful time Elaine, and thanks for letting us be a part of it. ;0)

Until you hear my speech ;oP
Nah, I promise Ill be good and not be too embarassing, MUHAHAHA! :0)


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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Back in time…….


I did have a couple of amusing stories and stuff that I was originally going to post about.

But frankly, after the month we have had, everything from rocks to crazy insane bills, Im too tired. For anything for a while.


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