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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Strike one!, Strike two!….?


This morning, oh I think it was between 7am and 8am, we had yet another little surprise delivered via our bathroom window this time….


Smaller damage this time, as its a smaller window (about 100cm each side) but still means another entire
pane of glass has to be replaced, today.
Ironically, it was a larger stone that did it too.
Im sitting here in the kitchen, after a hellish morning of cops, landlords and construction managment companies.

Noah’s still asleep, thankfully none of this has woken him, nor will I. I know he would probably want to be woken, but I want him to have some good sleep before he hears this. (I do hope you understand love).
I know it hits him harder than it hits me, I find it easier to “run on auto-pilot” during the event and all that follows and keep my emotional responses until its all sorted and put to bed. Then, I’ll allow myself to feel again. Till then, “professionally numb” is the order of the day.

Does’nt help I suppose that due to a leg injury, I’m barely sleeping and having to stay off it most of the day…..


I’m just so…….. tired,……ya know?
Of it all.


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As I sit here at 2am I can’t help but think about all that has happened this last week.
Most of you know, we came home to find a kid had thrown a large rock through our window a few days ago.


Yes, very.


Yes, very.


For me, unfortunately, after a while of thinking on it…. not hugely. Somthing I did’nt even realise until I saw my guy Noah’s, reaction to the same event.
What surprised me more than anything was how complacent I had become.

I’ve lived here about a year now, before that I lived in the the house literally opposite this one for about 9 years.
So, thats a decade of living in this immediate area.
In the entire 10 years, I think this has to be the first time this has happened to me.
Thats not to say it should have, but to a lot of people not so far away that would be very surprising.

The good side of this is, hopefully, in one year we will be moving home into a apartment complex, with the name “Valhala” which I cannot help but smile over, and this incident, scary and upsetting as it is, just gave us the motivating push we needed really.


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Moments in time, precious now and later……

It has been brought to my attention that I should not be neglecting my blog. :) ;)

Hmm, lets see,….. erm……what to talk about…..

/me hums the song “Under Pressure” by Queen….

Well, today we decided late in the day to go out and grab some food in a rather nice nearby(ish) place.
Food was actually pretty amazing (though rather overpriced), but being able to try a “Malted” shake instead of a regular was worth it by itself.
Also its the only place in Ireland it seems that does’nt buy the same generic veggie burgers as every other place in the country seems to. This place actually bothers to make their own!! *gasp*

No matter where in Ireland you go, no matter what take-away you order from, you can be almost 100% sure of one thing, if you order a veggie-burger, the burger part itself, will be the exact same everywhere. It literally does feel like they all buy the same brand.
And god-forbid you ask for it without the bizarre range of sauces they pour on, you do that and you can add another 10 mins to your delivery time, and if you get (as we often seem to) somone taking the order who dosent speak much english, then forget it. You will end up with a “wedgie burger”, or whatever other bizarre translation has been assumed.

Noah’s new book was released this week, he surprised us all on Sunday! It truly is amazing, and seeing my sisters and nephew in it, really makes my year.
There is nothing like seeing the people you love in a place where you can just open any page and remember a peice of beauty on the specific day that picture was taken. Its a very very special feeling.

Yet again, he has given us a gift that is so unbelievably valuable and will be with us for life, and even past that, through the familly generations to follow.
I have this image in my head, of my nephew Liam, taking a book down off a shelf and showing his kids, “Here’s my mammy & daddy when I was young. And this is your great-uncles Barry & Noah, your great-aunt Karen,” etc…. kinda like that soppy ad for “Wurthers Original’s” sweets on the TV :) :) :)

Thank you my love,


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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Only partially captured,….but still… A verbal photo…..

He makes me smile when I’m down.

He amazes me in some new way every single day.

He makes stealth frappacinos and somhow knows just when they’re needed.

He makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning, but never insists I do so until I can.

He sees beauty where others see nothing.

He allows other people to see through his eyes.

He shows me the places I always wished I could see.

He manages to put up with my insane spending habits.

He manages to understand that I have my limits.

He loves and is loved unconditionally.

………He “gets” me…….

Every day, in some way, I see somthing in him that reminds me how incredibly lucky I am to have him.

Happy Birthday My Guy!

))))Yb(((( :)

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