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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The joy of pollen….

Today was interesting and not entirely unpleasant.
We went out for a walk and of course, my hayfever decided to kick-in.
Its funny, for that while, as I sneezed my head off, I forgot about the effects the anti-biotics are having.

Maybe I should carry around a little glass jar of pollen and when I wanna be distracted, stick my nose in it! :)

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The “M” Key…….

Well, they (the pills) sure are kicking in now.
I notice myself becoming more irritable, one minute Im my normal self, the next, somthing silly will happen like the “m” key on my laptop sticking, and Ill want to put my hand thru the screen.
I think my sudden lack of patience probably comes down to the fact that the various pains like my back and joint pain inparticular, are getting so bloody extreme that they are actually making me want to take the painkillers, and those I avoid like the plague if at all possible normally.

Ah well, tomorrows another day and if I rest today like im sposed to, it might be a better one ;)


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More pills, no thrills and hopefully very few belly aches!


Tonight see’s me starting upon a new and rather intensive 4 week course of combination medications for a complaint that has, till now, been driving me crazy.
Its a kind of rash caused by a type of infection, which makes parts of my skin extremely raw and sore, and it comes up in a different place every day.
According to my Doc, this treatment is going to mean the next month is going to be rather tiring and not exactly pleasant, until its over and my system returns to its “normal” balance.
Right now, this infection has my tempreture running at 100.5 degrees and I’m feeling pretty foul. I have a taste in my mouth I cant describe which makes pretty much everything taste like rancid sugar,….. how I know what rancid sugar actually tastes like I dunno, but thats the only description I can give.
So, if you are of a spiritual nature, all positive vibes are appreciated. And dont expect too much of me this next few weeks, I’m letting myself take it as easy as possible and for once, I’m gonna do what my doctor says.
Lets see if he is as good as I suspect he may be. ;)
And if maybe, he can restore my faith in modern medicine.

Get ready for a journal of 4 weeks of pills, more pills, no thrills and hopefully very few belly aches!


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Sunday, June 18, 2006

It will be a short one tonight…..

Its weather like this that makes me wish I lived in the north pole.

This heat is so unbelievably draining. I spose because of the M.S. I feel it differently, it disables me tbh.

As I sit here, at 2.30am with water pouring down my forehead dripping onto my shirt, it strikes me that I said I hated the cold during the winter months not so long ago.

Right now, I would give my right ear just to be able to feel even cool.


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Joe Bloggs =1, Dixons group =0……


Im back! :) :)

After many weeks of net-withdrawl, I finally got “The Dixons Group” (Currys, PC World and Dixons stores are all owned by the same company “The Dixons Group by the way), to agree that my previous laptop was actually unusable and give me a replacment. As I was perfectly entitled to with the (many) defects all happening within the one-year manufacturers warranty that comes with all such things pretty much.

Did I get the same model again? Nope, I got a souped-up (to me), Compaq!

A gig of ram, 80 gigs of hard-drive space, big an bright widescreen etc etc…… Im more than happy with it.
Basically it means I got this years technology for last years price, yaaay! :D
And guess what, I didnt have to buy their “extended warranty” for 300 euros to do it!
(Word to the wise, these “extended cover-all warranties” they try so hard to sell you when you buy things from those three stores, are not worth the paper they are written on, your normal consumer rights are actually more beneficial).
Gawds, its been so long since I could post, answer email, read my usual sites etc, Its hard to believe how much you do miss the net until you dont have it no more.

I was using Noahs powerbook (muchos thanks to my guy btw, hes pretty amazing thats for sure), for a couple of weeks till its screen died a death, (I know, I’m jinxed, I warned him!), but now that im back on the windows side, I must admit, I do prefere it. Probably mostly because its what I know, I know my way around windoze. MacOs just felt slightly daunting in its striving to be user-friendly still, windoze just has some (albiet mostly stupid, unneded and bulky) bells and whistles, but oi loikes me bells an whistles ya see. Yes, I’m a geek whos not afraid to admit I prefere windoze to MacOs and Linux! *gasp* ;)

Dont get me wrong, it was definitely an enjoyable experience trying them out, and they have LOTS of good points (definitely could teach Microsoft a thing or ten imho) and they try very hard to be user-orientated, just somtimes feels like they have tried a bit too hard these days. And I’ll never get past their recent admission that they are trying to make machines that are more disposable. (Didnt use those words exactly but that was the obvious implication).

Anyhoo, I’m back, so watch this space.


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