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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The times, they are a changin…

Seems like the place I live in has changed while I was’nt looking.

We went into the city yesterday, the majority of it has changed to the point where I, a dubliner who spent a lot of time working in said city, actually had to “look for landmarks!”.

Its very strange, the city I knew, the old market stalls and cobblestones, is now 90% shiny glass and metal.
Is this progression or just the loss of everything that represented “Dublin” to locals and travellers alike?

Normally, I love anything that is new and innovative, but this just made me realise that when it comes to “urban refurbishment” there should maybe be limits set that incorporate the emotional as well as the aesthetic.

I can quite honestly say, moving around the city yesterday, fun as it was (and it WAS fun), was an experience its gonna take me time to get used to. From the Spire to the millenium bridge and all inbetween. We seem to have taken all the new elements of a city like London, and squashed them into Dublin, but it seems we needed to get rid of more of the classic to incorporate the “modern”.

The sights (and definitely the smells ;) ) of Moore St. luckilly are still there, even though the old stores behind the stalls are now either chinese food speciality stores or stores where you go to be entertained by various forms of “erotic” videos etc.

When I was younger I would never have thought I’d say this, but I actually miss Dublin.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

There are places I remember….

When I was a kid, at the age of 7, whilst sitting up close to the tv on a saturday morning (Mother- You’ll go blind sitting that close, move back”)…I had my first epileptic seizure.
So, we knew then I had photosensitive epilepsy.
So, almost immediately I was put on a drug called “Tegretol” for it.
I have almost no memories of my childhood now, and what I do have is flashes here and there like when I see woodchip wallpaper.
“Oh, I remember! We had that on the walls when I was a kid didnt we?”……..
Tegretol, the drug that made all my memories GO, is the one thing I will NEVER forget.
I was on it from age 7 till 21, and the times in between were rough, I went from a child to an adult in a stream of hazy colours and sounds. Apparently I went from a happy-go-lucky child who never stopped talking, to an out of control depressed nightmare in the space of a couple of weeks on the stuff.
Now of course I know why, now I know how dangerous a drug Tegretol is for anyone, let alone a child.

Today, I saw my nephew learn to crawl, being fascinated by every little thing and commiting it all to memory, you can just see it in his beautiful face, hes thinking “That shiny thing is amazing I must remember that!” ………and it makes me so happy to know that he at least, will have the benefit of the experiences of me, my sister, his mother & father, grandparents, and countless others and will never have to go through anything like that.

Somtimes I see somthing and I just know there was a reason for life being a bit difficult at times.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Surpassing Expectations.

Its a strange thing, pain.
You sit in a wheelchair 24/7 you expect  to ache, you expect  to be sore from time to time, you expect  to have your “off-days”. And they become just another “part of normal life”.

But, when somthing else comes along, a simple thing, whether it be a bruise or a bee-sting, boy does it hurt!
As I age, Im realising somthing.
Im realising that as long as I have some form of pain that im getting through after a while, I’m moving forward, not backward.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yet another (very) cold, (very) wet, day in Dublins fair city.
(Ill be complaining just as much about the weather when its 20+ degrees in the height of summer!).
A day with “The Familly” such a wonderful thing, in theory, that is.
Several hours of insanity, punctuated only by the occasional “cuppa”. Its no wonder the Irish are seen as a nation of alcoholics really, most tourists probably come home with drink problems when exposed to the typical Irish familly.

Thats not to say I dislike my familly in any way, on the contrary, I like spending time with them, I would just much rather it be in one hour sessions with at least the option of a room other than the bathroom that you can go to not to be “talked at” for a period longer than the time it takes for somone to draw breath. ;)
I now have a ton of paperwork to do, a bad back and a disturbingly large bamboo armchair to decide what to do with. So, I shall take my leave and try to be usefull to one of the three in some way.

Or,…….. maybe,………Ill just relax. :P
Coming home to an amazing meal cooked by my amazing man has an amazingly calming effect on me. ;)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

There is “Gay” and there is “GAY”….

It suddenly dawned on us, at 4am this morning, as we sat there, Dr.Pepper’s in hand.
We were doing our usual, continuing our project of watching each episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in order, and Then brining in the “Angel” series where its supposed to have begun.
(Here in Ireland they were totally out of whack plot wise).

Anyways, sitting there, DVD paused, we suddenly realise we have just spent the best part of 20 minutes discussing the merits or lack thereof of Sarah Michelle Geller’s new hairdo in the series.

I’m not just getting greyer, im getting gayer!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finding My Feet.

I spose thats pretty much what I’m doing really, “finding my feet”.

This (I’m hoping), will be rather a interesting challenge.

There is actually very little in me that I think anyone else would find of any interest whatsoever.
But If I’m completely honest, Im doing this for myself, but, given that i’m using Wordpress for the moment, I suppose its almost becomes automatically a kind of an excercise in “communal solitude“.
Maybe along the way, I may just begin to understand myself.
Ya never know, stranger things have happened!


However, should you want to, feel free to look around, even comment.

I don’t really bite much, contrary to popular opinion. ;)

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